Initial Evaluation

The Experience

At The Amato Center TMJ PROGRAM we take pride in our multi-discipline approach to diagnosing TMJ dysfunction. Your initial evaluation is comprised of two stages.  The initial stage is a private consultation in which an intensive and comprehensive history and examination will be performed.  After this initial consultation, a customized TMJ work-up will be prescribed tailored to your particular situation.  The work-up is comprehensive and will involve a series of tests and evaluations lasting from one to several hours.  Out of state patients will combine the initial evaluation and customized work-up into one visit and should plan to be present for the entire day.

Initial Consultation

  • History of TMJ issues and previous treatments

  • Mecial History

  • Evaluation of current and previous appliances and splints

  • Bones, muscles, and ligaments of the entire maxillofacial region

  • Jaw position and function evaluation

  • Bite evaluation

  • Dental Exam

  • TMJ

    • palpation to feel for popping or clicking

    • Listening with a stethoscope to detect subtle internal sounds

TMJ Complete Work-Up
  • Review of all previous treatment records and operative reports

  • Review of all previous radiographs, CT scans, Ultrasounds, MRI’s, etc.

  • Bones, muscles, and ligaments of the entire maxillofacial region

  • Jaw position and function evaluation

  • Bite evaluation

  • Dental Exam

  • TMJ ultrasound evaluation to visualize the internal components

Radiology:  Only necessary imaging will be prescribed which may include:
  • Panorex radiograph

  • Our in-house facial CT scanner to evaluate the bone of the TMJ to determine abnormal growth, trauma, arthritis, etc.

  • MRI at Barnabas Health/Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center (across the street) to evaluate the position of the disk within the joint


Your evaluation will be discussed with Dr. Amato or his assistant prior to you visit so you will know what to expect.  


Initial evaluations are scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays


What to Bring

  • Completed paperwork given to you from The Amato Center

  • A current summary of your TMJ issues, tests, and treatments

  • Any relevant reports from other doctors, such as operative reports, laboratory reports, consult letters, CT reports, photographs, and MRI reports

  • Contact information for all of your doctors

  • Facial CT scan on disk if taken

  • MRI of TMJ if taken

Personal Items:
  • Sweater or sweatshirt as the office temperature may feel cold

  • Since there may be downtime during your consultation and work-up, it is a good idea to bring a book, tablet, e-reader, magazines, etc. to keep you occupied



The Amato Center is located directly across the street from the Barnabas Health/Robert Wood Johnson medical center. See our Directions web page for detailed driving directions and a map.



There are several hotels within the West Orange and Short Hills area. Please visit our out of town page for a list of local hotels.


Typical Initial Consultation Schedule

  1. Meet Dr. Amato and review your TMJ history

  2. Complete Examination with Dr. Amato

Typical Work-Up  Schedule

  1. Meet Dr. Amato and review your initial consultation findings

  2. Clinical measurements

  3. Photographs

  4. Impressions of your teeth and bite records mounted on an articulator

  5. Ultrasound evaluation of joint

  6. CT Scan of the TMJ and jaw bones

  7. MRI Scan of the TMJ at Barnabas Health/Robert Wood Johnson medical center

  8. Diagnostic Nerve Blocks, if indicated

  9. Discussion with Dr. Amato regarding findings and suggested treatment protocol

  10. TMJ Orientation Video


After the Consultation

A report of our findings and treatment recommendations will be provided to you and your dentist and physicians within 1-2 weeks.



In order to provide you with the best possible care and attention that we can provide we do not participate with any insurance plans.  If we were to tailor our care in order for insurance companies to pay, we would not be able to provide the level of care that we do. The Amato Center team will provide you with a claim form that includes all applicable procedure codes and diagnosis codes you can submit to your medical insurance. Your medical insurance company will then reimburse the agreed upon amount.

If you need any prior approvals or help with any appeals, contact Linda, our Patient Care Coordinator at extension #11.


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